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You may have already discovered that completing an E-Discovery SharePoint collection can be a daunting task. Many IT professionals who come to us have limited experience working with SharePoint and no easy way to learn before going on-site for a collection.

Here are just a few of the many questions surrounding SharePoint collections:

  1. How do we extract and link SharePoint metadata with the collected documents?
  2. What are best practices when collecting multiple document versions?
  3. How do we retain the parent and child relationship between document versions or attachments?

We previously posted an article that addresses many questions related to SharePoint E-Discovery collections which you can find here. We would like to also invite you to review the case study listed below to learn more about how The Oliver Group controlled a large SharePoint Collection project.


New The Oliver Group Case Study: SharePoint 650+ million records of E-Discovery source data culled to 3,882 documents