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(Plattsmouth, Nebraska) September 17, 2019

Pinpoint Labs, forensic software and litigation support firm, announced the release of the latest update to its Harvester product family.

Enterprise On-Premise eDiscovery Software Includes Windows and Mac Smart Agents for remote collections, multi-threaded processing, and direct push to Relativity.

With the release of Harvester Server 6.0, a newly designed Smart Agent makes Harvester Server even easier to deploy across large organizations. The Smart Agent works natively on both Windows and Mac computers and allows users to remotely create snapshot data assessment reports for endpoints. IT administrators and legal teams will find the snapshot details viewer an easy way to identify and collect relevant documents from client machines.

Harvester Server 6.0 enterprise-wide eDiscovery collection platform now offers a fast 64-bit multi-threaded eDiscovery processing engine, first-pass review and ability to create production sets. The ability to easily combine data from self-collection kits and network collections into a central SQLServer document review database allow users to perform global deduplication, keyword searching, tagging and create highly customizable production sets or directly push documents and email to Relativity.  Harvester Server Processing can handle long file paths and keeps the Chain of Custody intact throughout the entire process.

Harvester Server 6.0 makes it easy to centrally manage and monitor enterprise-wide eDiscovery collection and culling jobs whether they are running directly from local production computers or remote systems. With the additional option to create keyword indexes and export the results, users can quickly build lists for relevant documents or preview their hits in real-time across a large number of client systems.

The new Harvester Server 6.0 native Mac eDiscovery collection agent expands Harvester Server’s reach to help the ever-increasing number of organizations and macOS install base. IT administrators can use their existing software management systems to easily deploy, update and manage Harvesters’ macOS agents. 

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting eDiscovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed Harvester Server 6.0 to easily gather large file collections with minimal impact on client systems.  When the client project is finished, all the critical data is neatly organized and forensically sound.  It is also one of the most affordable solutions available to collect, cull and preserve eDiscovery data.

As Jon Rowe, President of Pinpoint Labs and a highly experienced computer forensic examiner noted,

There are still a large number of organizations that are not comfortable implementing collection or processing tools that require their data to be uploaded to the cloud or remote servers. Harvester Servers’ on-prem platform provides a flexible, and scalable alternative that keeps our client’s data under their control” – Jon Rowe, President and Co-Founder of Pinpoint Labs

For more information on how our Harvester Server 6.0 software tool can simplify your eDiscovery collection and culling projects visit the Pinpoint Labs website at www.pinpointlabs.com.

About Pinpoint Labs:

Pinpoint Labs was founded by Jon Rowe and James Beasley, who are Computer Forensic Examiners, and software architects. Their experience includes over thirty years of litigation support and more than two decades in software development.