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(Plattsmouth, Nebraska) FEBRUARY 5, 2018

Harvester Portable and Harvester Server continue to provide corporate IT managers, forensic computer examiners and litigation support professionals with defensible E Discovery collection software tools using advanced features and capabilities: creates defensible collections from Microsoft One Drive, One Drive for Business, Google Docs, Box and Drop Box; and copies files to encrypted VeraCrypt containers.

With the release of Harvester 5.1 Portable and Harvester 5.1 Server, self-collection kits can be easily configured to encrypt custodian E-Discovery data so that only authorized personnel can access the drive contents. When processing is needed, encrypted containers can be processed without a need to extract the contents first.

With a growing number of corporations and government agencies storing files in cloud repositories like Google Docs, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox, users need to defensibly search and collect from these sources. A few of the issues related to cloud collection are server timeouts, throttling and 2 stage authentication. Pinpoint Labs engineers have worked with clients for over 2 years to ensure reliable and robust connections.

Harvester 5.1 Portable and Harvester 5.1 Server can automatically launch E-Discovery processing after completed collections. A seamless handoff between Harvester and Surveyor takes the next steps and prepares data for review. Surveyor provides OCR, metadata and full-text extraction as well as crafting load files.  Pinpoint Labs clients can now go from collection to review from a self-collection drive or across the network.

In keeping with best practices for preserving and collecting E-Discovery data, Pinpoint Labs designed Harvester 5.1 to easily gather multiple files with minimal impact on client systems.  When the client project is finished, all the critical data is neatly organized and forensically sound – keeping the chain of custody intact. It is also one of the most affordable solutions available to collect and preserve E-Discovery data.

As Jon Rowe, President of Pinpoint Labs and a highly experienced computer forensic examiner noted,

“Offering our clients a way to collect data without requiring internet access is extremely beneficial. We often hear total collection size or upload speeds are a limiting factor with competing applications. With our expanded encryption and E-Discovery options, we continue to provide our clients the tools that are relevant to our industry’s ever-changing landscape.”

For more information on how our Harvester 5.1 Portable or Server software tools can simplify your E-Discovery collections and save you time and money, please visit our products page.

About Pinpoint Labs

Pinpoint Labs was founded by Jon Rowe and James Beasley, who are computer forensic examiners. Their experience includes over 30 years of litigation support and more than two decades in software development.

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