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Read this case study to learn how Ellwood Evidence utilized Harvester to:

      • Monitor a database between 300-400 terabytes
      • Process roughly 40 gigs of data per hour to quickly determine damage
      • Generate a dtSearch index automatically for better quality
      • Run hundreds of thousands of search terms against the generated indices in a cost-effective manner

“We can use this tool all over the place. It’s not just oriented to enterprise or centralized environments – we can leverage our licenses across both Harvester Enterprise and Portable. So we can prepare something and send it off to a custodian, it’ll run on their laptop, they can ship it back to us, and then we can confirm with the logs that everything ran correctly. It allows us to have hands-off, non-invasive but still defensible collections, even at a small scale.” They’ve also started using Harvester’s deduping and de-NISTing capabilities, cutting their capture sizes in half.

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