Free Software Utilities
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We currently offer the following free utilities to our clients:

Pinpoint SafeCopy
Safecopy is a graphic user interface (GUI) that sits atop Microsoft's popular Robocopy utility. Whether you need to preserve a file's time stamp during copy, full-scale backups, or you need to remove the security settings from files as they're copied Pinpoint SafeCopy is a great tool in your arsenal.

Pinpoint Metadata Investigator
Metadata Investigator is a utility that integrates into the Windows Explorer "Send To" menu to provide ready access to Office metadata and hash values instantly. Metadata stored in Microsoft Office documents is crucial, need-to-know information for both forensic investigators and for litigation support professionals.

Pinpoint Hash
Forensic examiners need to quickly obtain hash values for evidence and often copy this data into their reports. Pinpoint Hash integrates into the "Send To" functionality of the Windows Explorer and provides easy access to several common hash values and file system time stamps.

Pinpoint FileMatch
FileMatch is a utility that scans for duplicate files in ultra-rapid fashion. In a recent test, FileMatch was able to locate two copies of a specified file in 58GB of allocated space in just 28 seconds!

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