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SafeCopy 2

"We were exposed to an earlier version of SafeCopy due to our acquisition of another software product from Pinpoint Labs. While there was no initial need for SafeCopy when we were first introduced, we had found an increasing need for live file copy and movement with audit tracking capabilities. As the need grew we turned to SafeCopy as resource to help us meet the increasing need. For forensically sound file acquisition or transfer of files within our organization, we have found SafeCopy to be reliable, defensible and secure. After initially vetting the product I have recently had to use the latest version for some post forensic acquisition file moves of forensic image files. I was so impressed by the ease of use that I immediately recommended an upgrade to SafeCopy 2 Server Edition, so that we could centralize the software and have greater access to its capabilities throughout the organization. This is a great product from a great company and it should be in your forensic tool box as well as your general productivity software tool box."
Richard A. Rodney
Director, eDiscovery Solutions
SuperiorGlacier, Inc.

"We recently used SafeCopy 2 to move a large amount of data from a Server's RAID drive to an external eSATA drive and witnessed some incredible throughput: 900GB+ was transferred in less than seven hours. Not only was it fast, but it succeeded in transferring an evidence file that Windows copy refused to move. Upon delivery of the evidence to a law firm, we were able to maintain an absolute digital chain of custody from acquisition (with FTK Imager) and processing (with Encase 6.10), to logical file production to removable media with Safecopy 2."
-Daniel A. Libby, CHS-III
Digital Forensics, Inc.

"When we were looking for alternative applications that handled onsite file collections we decided to try SafeCopy 2.0 Mobile Edition. We found it provided an intuitive interface, MD5 hash copy verification and we could run it without installing software on the server or client machines. Our technicians love the ease of use and portability!"
-Warren Kruse
VP of Data Forensics
Altep, Inc

"The growth of our digital forensics and eDiscovery processing and consulting services has been outstanding. Superior, validated tools that make our processes more efficient and deliverables of higher quality will always be in demand. Pinpoint Labs has addressed that and more. Anytime we can reduce time we can generally reduce our client's costs. My first license paid for itself on the first project I used it."
-Dave Normand
Digital Forensics and eDiscovery
Document Technologies, Inc.

"Recently I began identifying a solution to one of my investigative and eDiscovery procedural requirements. This was to locate a fail-safe mechanism to move or copy responsive data elements and all of its metadata, while demonstrating the destination data was mathematically identical to the original best evidence. Having tried several of the often recommended tools, I returned to the home of some of my most useful forensic tools - Pinpoint Labs. There I found SafeCopy 2. Within the first two days of its use, my personal copy had paid for itself several times over. My leadership was so impressed with my demonstrated results and associated chain of custody logs, they immediately authorized me to purchase two additional copies. SafeCopy 2 is now a documented procedural requirement for all Investigative and eDiscovery matters."
-Marvin A. Hamel CFE, CISSP
DTE Information Protection and Security
DTE Energy

"Until now, there has not been a fully portable copying utility that could provide all of the analysis and verification features required for defensible, active-file data collection. The folks at Pinpoint Labs have satisfied that need with SafeCopy 2 Mobile. Our technicians are thrilled with the product's simplicity and our clients are very impressed with the logging and validation features. ."
-Brad Berkshire
Seltek, Inc.

"We tested a number of applications for active file collections and finally found one that meets our requirements. SafeCopy 2 Mobile Edition allows us to perform defensible file collections at our client's facilities. The verification log and dual MD5 hash check ensure the collection is done correctly the first time. You can't beat the ease of use and portability. Definitely a must have."
-Mike O'Brien
Director of Litigation Technology
Certified Computer Examiner
Freeborn & Peters, LLP

"We often need to copy large file collections across the network and from incoming media. File hash verification, detailed job logs and support for files in long paths are just a few of the features we were looking for in a copy utility. SafeCopy 2.0 was a great find and is what we use to handle demanding file copy projects. "
-Peter Sternkopf
ALC Legal Technologies

"I recently used SafeCopy during a large onsite acquisition of data. It acquired the data, providing hash values on both the server side and the target side, at a rate of about 1GB per minute. I was extremely satisfied with its performance and look forward to using it again on other acquisitions. I have some big ones on the books and know that it will do what I need it to do. The support is excellent."
-Bill Baker
eDiscovery and Computer Forensics Lead Consultant
ISFCE - Certified Computer Examiner
Digital Discovery Solutions, LLP

PG Pinpoint

"PG Pinpoint provides a list of files which need to be processed by our e-Discovery software, making our operation drastically more efficient and in a forensically sound manner."
-Jason Park
Certified Computer Examiner
Litigation Solution, Inc.

"The minimal training required to run PG Pinpoint was a great benefit to us. One of the challenges of a rapidly growing company is training new eemployees. You have built a great product that not only reduces our electronic discovery turnaround time but makes it easy for our production staff to learn how to use it."
-Peter Sternkopf
ALC Legal Technologies


"MetaDiscover is a great tool for seeing metadata on a particular file. It allows a user to also see the difference between OLE Metadata and file system metadata. The best features of this tool is to see the last 10 authors and locations. This is metadata information that is not available on any of the electronic discovery application tools currently on the market...Pinpoint Labs has the best tools in the market today and they should be included in any electronic discovery toolkit."
-John Randall
Senior Consultant
Randall Consulting
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