Forensic Services
Data Sheet

Data Collection
Hard drive imaging and data acquisition
Pinpoint Labs provides reliable, thorough and affordable onsite data collections. Our pricing is straightforward and in most cases doesn't require reimbursement for travel related expenses. We also invest in equipment that insures the quickest turnaround time and minimizes the time custodian systems are offline.

Services Include:
Collections performed by CCE (Certified Computer Examiner)
Consent to search affidavit
Chain of custody
Acquisition report
Initial client consultation
'Pristine' and 'Working' copies of source media

Partnering with a vendor that is focused on defensible collection methods and works well with your clients is important. Our staff includes litigation support veterans which understand how to effectively work with law firm personnel, corporate IT contacts and EED processing vendors.

We provide local data collection service to Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Louisiana. We also partner with CCE's in other states and will help you locate an examiner in your area.

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