CT Summation and SafeCopy 2 datasheet

Forensically Sound File Collection
Incomplete and undocumented electronic discovery collections occur every day. The result of mishandling these files can be costly to both the client and their legal counsel. Proper file collection methods should be discussed at the beginning of each case.

When collecting electronic discovery, you should use processes and applications that preserve and verify collected electronic files with minimal impact on client systems. Without these, creating defensible and verifiable electronic discovery productions and evidence authentication is difficult, if not impossible.

SafeCopy 2 Features:
Select from multiple data sources (e.g. file shares, individual files or file list)
Supports paths greater than 255 characters (up to 32,000)
Detects and resumes after network outages
Real time error display
100% file copy verification (using MD5 hash comparison)
Preserves file system timestamps and metadata
Filters by file extension (inclusion, exclusion and use file extension list)
Filters by date range
Desktop, Mobile , Server and Nomad editions

SafeCopy 2 is offered in several different formats tailored to your needs and the needs of your project. Click on the tabs above to find the right version for you!

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