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Are you in full control of your file collections?
Incomplete and undocumented electronic discovery collections occur every day. The result of mishandling these files can be costly to both the client and their legal counsel.

One Click Collect, a new automated collection software product from Pinpoint Labs, works from preconfigured file requests created by you to ensure full control. This eliminates errors that are commonly associated with self collection.

One Click Collect – Onsite is a portable license which runs from any external hard drive or flash drive that you choose. Since it can run from the target drive, no additional flash drives, security keys, or USB docks are required.

One Click Collect – Onsite is easily transferred between target drives, whether you are across the country or around the world. No additional proprietary hardware or software is required. You can be up and running on your first collection within minutes. When completed, just transfer your license to a different platform to begin another job. This is unlike other products that require you to wait on a shipment to begin using the product in different locations.

One Click Collect – Onsite is priced so everyone can afford defensible automated file collections. Contact Pinpoint Labs to obtain additional information or to request an evaluation license.

One Click Collect–Onsite Features:
Instantly up and running because there is no shipping of hardware or software required
Forensically sound self collection
No training required for your clients
Compatible with all electronic discovery and litigation support databases
Easily transfer the onsite licenses between locations
Support for paths greater than 255 characters (up to 32,000)
Preserves metadata, file timestamps and hash verifies results
Reduce collection size by hash list filtering (deNISTing and deduping)*
*Requires Harvester Edition

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