Identify additional evidence
Microsoft Office metadata often contains relevant information for both computer forensic investigations and litigation document review. MetaDiscover allows users to quickly review extended metadata properties without using Microsoft Office.

MetaDiscover Features:
Access 37 Microsoft Office Metadata fields
Uncover additional evidence sources
Scrub 2000+ documents per hour
Extract 45K+ documents per hour
Investigate Last 10 Authors and Locations
Specify redaction text

Metadata extraction often includes file system timestamps and a few OLE fields. This is just a subset of what is available in Microsoft Office files. Attorneys now request additional metadata because they know it can help them better understand the 'life' of a document and identify additional evidence. MetaDiscover is used to compliment the information already extracted during electronic discovery.

"MetaDiscover is a great tool for seeing metadata on a particular file. It allows a user to also see the difference between OLE Metadata and file system metadata. One of the best features of this tool is to see the last 10 authors and locations. The last ten authors and location metadata isn't available from any of the electronic discovery applications currently on the market...Pinpoint Labs has the best tools in the market today and they should be included in any electronic discovery toolkit."
-John Randall
Senior Consultant
Randall Consulting

2010 Pivotal Guidance, Incorporated